21. March 2020

Covid-19 Info

Protect yourself
up-to date information (updated 2020, 17th June)
Covid-19 - Testing @apodoc procedure:

You can call us at the doctor's office: 044 922 44 66

A doctor will assess your risk potential and advise you on your questions and symptoms. If necessary, a test for Covid-19 is given. The doctor will instruct you by phone and make an appointment with you. You are waiting for our medical staff in the area in front of  the Café Medici. You and your companions are not allowed to enter the café for take-away, the pharmacy or the doctor's office without a medical staff member from us. Please respect our personal protective measures. Thank you very much!
In the event of a test, the doctor will call you as soon as the result has arrived and instruct you about the way forward and/ or about a possible prescription etc.

Distance control
The federal government has determined a distance regulation of least 2 m and 10 m2 per person in a room since March 20, 2020. We follow to these regulations and hope you follow too.
It is necessary to:
- Max. 4 people at the pharmacy
- Max. 2 people at the café
- Accompanying persons are waiting outside
- please respect our barrier lines. (2m distance)
- We disinfect all surfaces regularly.
- The distance that belongs through the respiratory tract is very important.
- Transmission over surfaces can be minimized by washing hands regularly with soap and water.
- On request, we can also bring the ordered products outside in front of ApoDoc if you do not want to enter. Please contact us in advance by email or phone.(pharmacy)
Hand sanitizer / thermometer/medical masks
- There are currently no thermometers available.
-We have hand sanitizers again on stock.
- We have medical masks on stock.
Pain reliever / cough medicine / medication on prescription - Since March 18th, 2020 the federal government regulates that painkillers, cough medicine and prescription medication may be dispensed in rations - only one package of pain reliever (paracetamol or ibuprofen) or cold remedy (e.g. Neocitran) per household and sale - The same applies to cough medicine - and prescription medicines (max 2 months according to regulation) 
Home delivery service - We are currently offering a home delivery service for medication for high-risk patients (chronically illnesses or over 65 years) in district 5. We offer this service from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mondays to Fridays - until end of June, 2020 free of charge) 
From June 2nd the pharmacy remains again open again until 7.30pm during weekdays and saturdays until 5pm. Doctor's office closes at 07.30 pm during weekdays and saturdays at 3pm.

Protect yourself and others. Take care of you and others.
Thank you! Danke! Grazie! Merci! xiexie! shukraan lak!


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Five car parking spaces are reserved for customers. You can reach us easily by many local trains (S-Bahn) stopping at Bahnhof Hardbrücke – just 250m away from us, or Tram no.4 and no.8 stopping directly in front of ApoDoc at Schiffbau station. Three bus lines 33, 71, 72 also stop at Schiffbau.

+41 44 922 44 55 Pharmacy
+41 44 922 44 66 Doctor’s Office
+41 44 922 44 77 Café

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Online Appointment Gynecologist Dr. Jolanda Kolinski

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