2. March 2022



We inform due to the high demand for KJ tablets:

– ApoDoc Apotheke is issuing the tablets exclusively against receipt – 1 pack per receipt (free of charge).
– the tablets are only effective in the case of radioactive iodine
– In this case, the army pharmacy ensures nationwide supply.
– Only to be taken on request by the Confederation/army.

public notification dated 02.03.2022:
Information from the Armed Forces Pharmacy on the availability of potassium iodide tablets 65mg

In view of the current threats from Russia, an increased demand for potassium iodide tablets from drugstores and pharmacies in various cantons has been noted at our Army Pharmacy.

It is the Army Pharmacy’s concern to clarify the availability of potassium iodide tablets 65mg in Switzerland.

“Iodine tablets are used in the event of a serious nuclear power plant accident in which radioactive iodine escapes. They prevent radioactive iodine from accumulating in the thyroid glands and causing thyroid cancer. In the event of an incident, iodine tablets must be taken in good time. In the communities within a radius of 50 km around a Swiss nuclear power plant, iodine tablets are distributed as a precautionary measure to all persons who regularly spend time there. In the areas outside 50 km of a Swiss nuclear power plant, the cantons store iodine tablets to supply the entire population in the event of an incident. At present, private individuals are not required to store iodine tablets outside this zone. There is no need to deviate from this system, as sufficient iodine tablets are thus available for all inhabitants in Switzerland.
The army pharmacy does not supply private individuals directly. It also does not supply drugstores and pharmacies with iodine tablets for the prevention of incidents.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Potassium Iodide Supply Office www.kaliumiodid.ch.”

Thank you for your understanding.
ApoDoc -Team

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