10. October 2020

Covid-Testing at doctors office


You can have yourself tested for Covid-19 in the doctor’s office or in the ApoDoc Test Center (at Café Medici).
Only PCR tests are carried out in the doctor’s office by telephone appointment.
The procedure is described below:

Test criteria for Covid smear test (swab/PCR)

– People with Covid symptoms (cold symptoms)
– Persons in quarantine who have had contact with persons who have tested positive can be tested on day 5 even without symptoms. The quarantine is not shortened by a negative test result, but it can calm the contact to third parties.
– Persons who have been informed by the cantonal medical service (contact tracing)

No test is indicated after the end of a quarantine or isolation, as the test may remain positive for a long time.

ALWAYS make an appointment by telephone at the doctor’s office (see procedure) – for the protection of other patients.

Procedure SARS Covid (PCR) Testing at the doctor’s office
1) Make an appointment by phone 044 922 44 66
2) Meeting point for the appointment: at the side entrance of ApoDoc (Pfingstweidstrasse)
3) Contact the doctor’s office by phone to let them know that you have arrived. Please make sure to wear sufficiently warm clothing, as there are sometimes waiting times (which we try to reduce as much as possible).
4) Wear a nose and mouth protection.
5) You will be taken to an examination room in the doctor’s office by medical personnel wearing masks and gloves.
6) A doctor will perform the smear test (swab) and clarify any necessary examinations.
7) You will be informed of the result by the doctor by telephone – depending on the time of the smear test within 36 to 72 hours (on weekends).

Costs for SARS Covid Testing

– medical (doctor) service = CHF 50
– Laboratory performance = CHF 106

If the FOPH (Federal Office of Public Health) criteria (see above) are met or the test was prescribed by contact tracing, the costs are covered in full (CHF 156) by the health insurance companies (indirectly by the Confederation).

At the request of the patient without criteria or contact tracing, or due to travel regulations, the costs go to the patient and must be paid directly in cash or by credit/EC card (medical service). Laboratory services are invoiced directly to the patient by the laboratory.
costs for travelling: CHF 180.-

At the request of the employer, the invoice is sent to the employer.

If further examinations and clarifications are necessary, a normal doctor’s consultation and, if necessary, laboratory services will be charged in addition to the test costs.

For further questions, please contact the medical staff.

Take care of you and others. Protect yourself and others.

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