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We believe in the future of digitalization to improve working processes, to guarantee a high level of quality and meet the demands of the future patient. Here are some tools we implemented the last 4 years.

Digital Screens (vmotion)

ApoDoc has many customers with different questions and needs. 70% of the costumers and patients are male gender, employed and between 30 and 60 years old. Most of the people are busy, do sports, are health-conscious and educated. ApoDoc with its different healthcare providers (5 pharmacists, 7 family doctors, 1 gynecologist, 2 respirologists) wants to share pharmaceutical and medical information and knowledge that could be interesting and useful for our patients and customers.
Besides individual consultations, five big Vmotion screens achieve the transfer of knowledge to our customers. Vmotion screens can be used for the promotion of products, for displaying a digital pharmacy shelf, for showing medical information and videos or presentations. There are four screens used inside the pharmacy and one screen inside the pharmacy’s store window. All of our 15 healthcare providers present information from their field of expertise.
4 touchscreens in the pharmacy (49”), 1 screen in the shop window (55”)
We present 12 main and 24 subtopics every year.
We are always keeping you updated.
Time of implementation at ApoDoc
3 months
Unique knowledge of 15 healthcare providers.
the digital wall II (only in german)


ApoDoc has many healthcare providers and employees (5 pharmacists, 7 family doctors, 1 gynecologist, 2 pneumologists, 10 practice assistants, 3 pharma assistants, 1 retail specialist, 5 barista at café medici) with different work shift and employment level. A good communication between them is a must to guarantee a high level of service and quality.
Beekeeper is a digital communication platform for employees. It runs on the smartphone and at a computer. Within the platform it is possible to define different channels (e.g. general information, work schedule, Feedback of costumers, technical problems, private posts, etc.). Every employee can create a post. By liking a post, one confirms that the post has been read. Comments on it are also possible.It is also possible to create a private or a group chat to stay quickly connected. Another option is to create surveys for the team for special topics.
To ensure the safety of the data, Beekeeper works with 256-bit TLS data encryption, advanced firewalls, periodic security audits and ISO 27001 certified data centers.
With this tool no message will be forgotten anymore.
Stay connected, become a Beekeeper!
– 25 active users
– 60 posts per month
– Performance of active users:
Just reading: 26%
Contributing: 74%
Time of implementation at ApoDoc
3 months
Data security ISO 27001
All data is secure and safe.
Link to this service: Beekeeper



ApoDoc implemented a fully automated warehouse system to store registered drugs. It consists of two conveyors, one gripper, shelves and a fridge. There is enough space for more than 23’000 packages.
The required drugs are automatically transported to one of six different workstations. Five workstations are located in the pharmacy. One station is a pick up station outside of the pharmacy so that patients can pick up urgent medication out of opening hours.
Temperature-sensitive drugs that need to be stored in the refrigerator are stored with a higher priority than non-temperature-sensitive drugs. The temperature profile in the refrigerator is recorded automatically. Dust is removed automatically from the shelves out of opening hours.
The ROWA Vmax allows us to minimize our expenditure of time required for logistic tasks and to have more time for our patients.
Space for more than 23’000 packages, time until a requested drug appears in the pharmacy: 12sec.
We love automated systems.
Time of implementation at ApoDoc
6 months
TÜV and GS (safety at work) certified
EG-machinery directive 2006/42/EG


Quality Management Tool:
“MYQMS” – no more folders

ApoDoc has many customers with different questions and needs. 70% of the costumers and patients are men, employed and between 30 and 60 years old. Most of the people are busy, sportive, health-conscious and well educated. ApoDoc with its different healthcare providers (5 pharmacists, 7 family doctors, 1 gynecologist, 2 pneumologists) wants to provide high quality pharmaceuticals and medical services for our patients and customers in high quality. To do so a solid quality management system is essential.
The ISO 9001 QMS Pharma meets the needs of pharmacies to bring their quality to a high standard. But it implies also numbers of documents with standard operating procedures and checklists. To make it suitable for everyday use those documents must be well organized. “MyQMS” is an digital tool to store documents into a data cloud. Its access is easy and possible on every computer. It is possible to grant each employee rights for reading or editing a document. After reading a document an employee can sign with his password. One can see at a glance who released and approved a document, which version type it is and who still needs to read it.
With this tool, control of versions and the whole document management are quick, easy and clear.
Total number of documents: 597 (wow! We are even impressed about that number. Can you imagine we would use still paper and folders?)
Time of implementation at ApoDoc
1 year
ISO 9001 QMS Pharma
1 quality assurance manager

Fig.2. Happy about the QMS ISO certification in 2016

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