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We work together with different health professionals and institutions like specialists, hospitals, patient organizations and others. We believe that close collaboration enhances the success and sustainability of a medical therapy and improve the patient’s quality of life. Here are 2 of our projects.

“Smoking cessation counseling”

It’s great that you consider stopping smoking. This is the first step to a smoke-free life. We are happy to support you on this journey.
What awaits you?
A plan of action to prepare, conduct and sustain the smoking cessation.

  • Support to strengthen your motivation.
  • Information regarding possible withdrawal symptoms.
  • Advice on the use of nicotine substitute preparations.
  • Advice and prescription of prescription drugs to support smoking cessation (as needed).
  • Information on health and medical issues related to smoking and smoking cessation.
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Number and duration of consultations
The offer includes six face-to-face and two telephone counseling sessions with a smoke suppression counselor. There is the possibility to involve a pharmacist and/or a doctor at ApoDoc for prescribing medicines and support you with the choice of the therapy.
for the counseling sessions:
– LUNGE ZURICH Pfingstweidstrasse 10, 8005 Zurich
– University Hospital Zurich Rämistrasse 100, 8091 Zürich
for the choice of the therapy (if you need/ would like the help of medicines) and prescription:
– ApoDoc Hardbrücke, Hardstrasse 235, 8005 Zurich
The offer costs CHF 300. In case of a complete visit of the entire quit counseling service CHF 50 will be refunded. We will gladly inform you about any further benefits (students, IV recipients).
So far we managed 10 patients. (since May 2018) 
Time of implementation at ApoDoc
6 months
– smoke cessation counselers (“Lunge Zurich”, university hospital)
– pulmonary doctors (ApoDoc)
– pharmacists (ApoDoc )
– Fagerström-Test

Colorectal Cancer Prevention

Colorectal cancer is the 2nd most common cancer death reason in Switzerland. Every year 1700 people die because of colorectal cancer. Unfortunately diagnosis is made often in an advanced stage when symptoms already occurred. If colorectal cancer is diagnosed at an early stage it will be curable. The older a patient, the higher is the risk to develop colorectal cancer. That is why a medical screening at age 50+ is strongly recommended. With a colonoscopy by the physician adenoids can be detected and removed. But there are also some drawbacks and risks with this surgery (e.g. the need of taking strong laxatives before surgery, internal bleedings etc.) The innovative blood test ( OC Sensor – german) however is an easier and more comfortable way to screen for colorectal cancer. It detects blood in the excrement which can’t be seen by eye. If no blood is detected no further examination is needed. A preceding risk evaluation can be done by the pharmacist. Afterwards, the patient can easily collect an excrement sample at home and send it in. The pharmacist discusses the result with the patient and gives him some life style advices if needed. If blood is detected the pharmacist will refer him to a physician for further examination.
This prevention test is covered by some health insurances. The costs of the test including the consultation with the pharmacists are 49.80 SFr.
With this simple test, colorectal cancer can be prevented.
Make a test tomorrow!
In 2016:
– 37 risk evaluations were made
– 30 patients performed the test
– All patients had a negative result
– Two third of the patients would like to have a re-evaluation in 2 years by the pharmacist
In 2018:
– 31 risk evaluations were made
– 32% of the patients received the re-evaluation
– 1 patient had a positive result

The results show that the patients are interested in such a convenient diagnostic service. It is a sensitive topic of the population. People should be more informed about it.
The service was a great success in 2016 when pharmaSuisse, the Swiss association of pharmacists, conducted a big colorectal cancer prevention campaign. The topic was present in all media and the public became aware of it.
Time of implementation at ApoDoc
3 months
FIT Blood Test: ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 138485:2012
Special E-Learning training for all pharmacists
Specialists (gastroenterologists e.g. Gastroenterology Zurich)
ApoDoc doctors

Fig.1. CCP counseling at the pharmacy. TV-report by local TV station “TeleZüri”

Link to TV report (only in german)
Check up TeleZüri TV-report

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Five car parking spaces are reserved for customers. You can reach us easily by many local trains (S-Bahn) stopping at Bahnhof Hardbrücke – just 250m away from us, or Tram no.4 and no.8 stopping directly in front of ApoDoc at Schiffbau station. Three bus lines 33, 71, 72 also stop at Schiffbau.

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