30. August 2019

Patient-Focused Care

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We focuse on our patients. Patient-focused care services we implemented at ApoDoc’s pharmacy to optimize processes in a way which is convenient for the patient.



netCare is a service offered by the pharmacy to reduce the waiting time at the doctor’s office . The pharmacist clarifies the symptoms and the medical history of the patient according to evidence based algorithms and can thus dispense necessary OTC or Rx drugs. The most used algorithms are urinary tract infections, conjunctivitis, asthma and eczemas. If the medical problem needs further clarification such as x-ray or blood count the patient is referred to a physician or an emergency department.
This initial clarification by the pharmacist costs CHF 30 (excluding the medication) and takes 10-20min. Some health insurances have already become aware of the potential for cost savings and cover the costs. Some health insurances pay already for this service. In other cases, the patients have to pay by themselves.
An appointment with a general physician is always available within maximum 30min directly at ApoDoc.
Thus netCare is the perfect tool to establish the pharmacy as gatekeeper of the healthcare system.
– 25 evidence based algorithms available and 1 additional general protocol for other cases
– Our netCare pharmacy is the first point of care to visit with a medical problem.

Fig1: Netcare consultation graphic 2018/2019

Time of implementation
1 year (without certification)
– Certification of all pharmacists as “netcare pharmacist”
– Special Further education of all pharmacists
– Contract with health insurances (powered by pharmaSuisse)

Vaccination at the pharmacy and doctor’s office

At ApoDoc vaccination is always possible even without an appointment. The patients can choose where they want to get their vaccinations: at the pharmacy or at the doctor’s office.This leads to a higher vaccination rate, in addition to the vaccinations.
At the pharmacy, the consultation and vaccination are carried out by a specially trained pharmacist with a vaccination certificate. In addition to the vaccinations, there is the possibility of travel advice and the set up of an electronic vaccination file. ApoDoc has 16 different vaccines in stock available at any time.
The following vaccinations can be carried out: diphtheria, cervical cancer (HPV), hepatitis A and B, whooping cough (pertussis), poliomyelitis, pneumococcus, measles, mumps, rubella, influenza, tetanus, chickenpox, shingles, rabies and tick-borne encephalitis. Of all vaccines available in Switzerland, only the vaccination against yellow fever cannot be provided at ApoDoc. The reason is that in Switzerland only specialized tropical physicians are allowed to carry out this vaccination.
Vaccination has been established in short time to an appreciated service at our pharmacy and helps to strengthen the patient’s confidence in our medical competences.

Fig2: flu shot


-> 769 flu shots (season 18/19), 510 flu shots (season 17/18), 210 flu shots       (season 16/17)
-> 469 tbe shots (until September 19), 245 tbe shots (2018), 88 tbe shots (2017), 46 tbe shots (2016)
-> 16 different vaccines available

Fig.3: TBE vaccinations between 2016 and 2019 at ApoDoc

We vaccinate you any time. Protect yourself and others.
Take care of you and others!

Time of implementation
1 week (without certification)
implemented service at the pharmacy since end of 2017

Cantonal authorization for pharmacists and physicians
3 authorized pharmacists


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