22. May 2019

WOO® @ApoDoc


WOO® represents lifestyle, sports and nutrition

The aim of WOO® and ApoDoc is to provide you with high-quality products in every situation. The WOO® (metabolic Kraft GmbH) is founded by a Swiss family business. Nutrition and sensible supplementation are the core competences of WOO®. Behind every WOO® product stands a vision and a story. WOO® develops all products based on scientific research. The success of WOO® is based on proven concepts and WOO® product combinations.

WOO® supports athletes to achieve their best  performance. pic:Kariem

WOO® helps you on the way to your desired weight. pic: Maite

WOO® boosts your inner beauty. pic:Kariem


WOO® returns your energy and vitality.pic: Ronnie


From now ApoDoc collaborates with WOO® to provide you with optimal advice, support and care in the areas of sports nutrition, beauty, lifestyle and weight management.
More information about WOO can be found here or at the pharmacy.

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CH-8005 Zurich
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Five car parking spaces are reserved for customers. You can reach us easily by many local trains (S-Bahn) stopping at Bahnhof Hardbrücke – just 250m away from us, or Tram no.4 and no.8 stopping directly in front of ApoDoc at Schiffbau station. Three bus lines 33, 71, 72 also stop at Schiffbau.

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